A trip above and around Floating Village

Welcome to MyFly’s flying trip above and around the floating villages of The Tonle Sap Lake by MyFly’s aircrafts

MyFly Aircompany want you to explore an unusual scenic flight. Probably Angkor Wat would be the most ancient notable place of all over the world. But you’ve already been bored with it.

MyFly’s Crew gives you no one chance to avoid your flying adventure experience by invitation to an unexpectable and too much interesting place such as The Tonle Sap Lake. The floating villages of The Tonle Sap Lake, that’s the notable place for sightseeing you should visit in the surroundings of Siem Reap. Too many travellers, including those who prefers extreme air adventures by scenic route, want to reach it.

Villages on the water

There are three the largest and the most authentic main floating villages around Siem Reap:

  • Kompong Khleang;
  • Kompong Phluk;
  • Chong Kneas.

All of them has become home for different ethnic groups:

  • Khmers;
  • Ethnic Vietnamese;
  • Ethnic Cham.

They are situated approximately 17 km. to the south-east of the Siem Reap’s Old Market in the distance about 43 km. Be ready to discover many particularities of the scenic flight on a board of the personal MyFly’s ultralight aircraft during your outstanding air trip.

Floating villages of The Tonle Sap Lake

A few flying tips for your comfortable scenic flight above and around The Floating Villages of bird’s eye view

You should make existing snapshots of the floating villages en scenic route around and above The Tonle Sap Lake. Many historical features and mysteries of locals would be discovered by cockpit view of sightseeing of the personal MyFly’s ultralight aircraft. One of them we will have politely discovered right here, right now: when The Monsoon is coming and locals from each floating village begin to fuss. Every time they are fulfilled by fear because of monsoon storms coming. In opposite MyFly’s crew and first of all our pilots are ready to “wet” flights, more over our new personal ultralight aircrafts have been constructed to fly in bad weather conditions such as strong wind and rain.

The Floating Villages of bird’s eye view

Following the scenic route pay your attention to unbelievable view of crocodile farms seemed to be hidden among numerous autochthonous floating units in the heart each of the floating villages. Meanwhile your skyline air adventure en scenic route above and around The Tonle Sap Lake you should listen to our professional pilot telling you some interesting tales about the lake, floating villages, locals and their daily life.

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