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Bush flights are both lifestyle and professional skill for real extreme photographers

We just remind you that flying season is full swing. Our fleet is ready to provide our favorite customers such as cameramen and photographers 24 hours per day out of holidays to fly above and around ancient temples, buildings and kind of add-ons such as Angkor Wat, Koh Ker, The Floating Villages of The Tonle Sap Lake and the other notable places of national historical and cultural legacy of The Kingdom of Cambodia located in the area of the surroundings of Siem Reap City.

Any outstanding and unusual scenic route for sightseeing in area hard-to-reach places is so much attractive for them. The people who has neither fear nor even shadow of doubts to giving up getting at least a couple of sensational snapshots or videos in such a quantity of difficulties and obstacles that any hell resident would be fled in panic and confusion.

Welcome to your scenic adventure flights on aboard of MyFly’s ultralight airplanes

More over we are happy to offer some new opportunities and new directions for encouraging people a new hot scenic route above and around temples of Koh Ker. One of the capitals of The Ancient Khmer Empire is “ too polite and so gentle” to anyone who is eager to test yourself.

Your safety and comfortable scenic flight of sightseeings are our priorities.We are glad to invite to be involved in an en unforgettable scenic skyline adventure above and around the most notable places in surroundings area of Siem Reap such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Koh Ker (new route) and so on.

Your flying passion – by MyFly’s aircrafts, staff and pilots

Our professional pilot is telling you historical facts and details to make your special skyline adventure both safety and comfortable. If you wish unique videos of the flying the pitot gives advices and recommendations how to. Any time we are ready to “wet” flights in a bad weather conditions. MyFly Air Company has got the most professional high qualified bush pilots and the newest fleet of ultralight aircrafts equipped with fully modern cockpits for bush aviation.

Don't worry – be flying happy

We are glad to meet you in advance for discussing future features of your scenic route.You need worry nothing at all. We take care of you and make all our best to provide your unforgettable scenic flight skyline adventure within a scope of the terms and conditions we have been arranged earlier. Flying time depends on your choice and might be approximately up to 3 hours. Don't forget your special staff you need. We operate under The License of Aero Cambodia Inc.

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