Temple fligth

Briefly about our flying above and around temples

Our Cambodia air flight offers to enjoy unique views of Rolous group, nothern temples and amazing Angkor Wat. This aerial photography flight could be one of the most fascinating sightseeing in Siem Reap. During this trip on an airplane, you will get a rare opportunity to make a lot of impressive snapshots and touch to mysterious Khmer culture. Our professional pilot will reveal the secrets of Khmer Art, and will tell you about interesting events and facts related to Khmer history.

The first part of scenic flight: Roluos Group and northern temples

The first part of this epic journey takes you through the Roluos Group.

Roluos Group – group of temples, wich belongs to the Angkor temple complex. Largest of them are Lolei, Bakong and Preah Ko, located on the place that was once first Khmer Empire Capital, called Hariharalaya, nearby the village of Roluos, north of lake named Tonle Sap and to the east of Siem Reap. Also Roluos group includes tiny temple Prasat Pre Monti. These temples mark a beginning of classic period of Khmer art and civilization starting from the end of IX century. Some of them were made entirely out of brick, others – partially of laterite and sandstone. Roluos Group represents some of the earliest great temples built by the Khmer. Also, you’ll see impressive panorama of the northern temples at the bird's-eye view.

The second part of adventure: Cambodia air tour of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the most renowned and popular temple of Cambodia. It was built in the first half of XII century and is present on the national flag of the country. This beautiful, majestic temple was taken under the protection of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1992. Angkor Wat is actually Temple of Hindu Vishnu. It is the world's largest сult installation. Angkor Wat is a building with a structural challenge equipped with five towers in the form of lotus flower. During this flight by Angkor Wat you will see it's magnificient architecture, and some beautiful artificial lakes. Angkor Wat aerial view is truly amazing!

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