3 in 1 one-hour flight

Scenic flight of one of the best routes the "3 in 1"

MyFly Aircompany only gives а rare opportunity for true travelers to make an unbelievable skyline adventure. MyFly’s Crew is glad to offer the longest and the most interesting scenic route of sightseeing flight named “3 in 1”. It's an one-hour scenic flight on a board of MyFly’s personal microlight aircraft to observe three main ancient Cambodian Attractions of bird’s eye view. Here they are:

  • The East Baray of Angkor Wat;
  • The Rolous or Rolous Group;
  • Two floating villages of The Tonle Sap Lake.

A few historical features and tips of the scenic air trip “3 in 1” you should know:

Our high-qualified pilots shall begin Cambodian Attractions from Angkor Wat the most ancient notable place of all over the world. It consists of numerous temples including contemporary ones of Theravada buddhists and add-on buildings.

The East Baray or Yashodharatataka is considered The Ancient Gate of Angkor. The East Baray is situated to the east of The Angkor Thom Temple and used to be the biggest and the greatest irrigation structure of the volume approximately over 50 million cubic meters of Siem Reap River’s water. It was built in The Ninth Century by King The Yasovarman and considered The Sacred Sanctuary of Hinduism. Nowadays it is totally dry and empty, but its big stones and great architecture of Khmer Empire are so impressive of panoramic cockpit view.

The next point of our flying trip is The Rolous or The Rolous Group. It's situated not far from Siem Reap and used to be the first capital of Khmer Empire named Hariharalay.

There’re three main temples of The Rolous Group en the scenic route:

  • The Bakong Temple is contemporary of Theravada buddhists;
  • So as The Lolei Temple is;
  • The Temple of Preah Ko is next to tiny Prasat Prei Monti.

And in the end of your magic flying adventure you’re being surprised by the most popular Cambodian Attraction on the water surface of The Tonle Sap Lake. There are two the largest and the most authentic floating villages:

  • Kompong Phluk;
  • Chong Kneas.

Many historical features and mysteries of locals would be discovered by cockpit view of sightseeings of the personal MyFly’s ultralight aircraft during your comfortable air trip “3 in 1” around and above any notable place for sightseeings in the surroundings of Siem Reap. Too many travelers, including those who prefers extreme air adventures by scenic routes, are eager to complete this “3 in 1” air trip around and above The Greatest Cambodian Attractions of Siem Reap Province in Cambodia.

Don’t worry flying around and above any place in the territory of Cambodia by MyFly’s bush aviation. You are allowed to take snapshots and videos of sightseeings you like at any time. We operate under The License of Aero Cambodia Inc.

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