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Rolous Group

Roluos Group

Flying around the ancient temples of Roluos Group: Bakong, Lolei, and Preah Ko, next to tiny Prasat Prei Monti and the first capital of Khmer Empire - Hariharalaya
20 min

Lake route

Lake Route

Besides of Angkor Wat, you also should get an opportunity to enjoy of sightseeings such places as The Temple of Phnom Krom, Tonle Sap Lake, floating village and Roluos Group
40 min

Route Wat

Temple Flight

This scenic flight begins around Roluos Group, then continues to the northern temples and ends theair trips flight around Angkor Wat.
30 min

Villages on the water

3-in-1 1 hour flight

If you choose this scenic route, you are enjoing while your scenic flight several outstanding notible places in surroundings of Siem Reap of aerial view such as Roluos Group, Tonle Sap lake, two floating villages, East Baray and Angkor Wat.
1 hour


"Just to try"

In order to enjoy the amazing sightseeings from aerial view you will be enough 10-15 min. Choosing the scenic route "Just to try" you will enjoy a scenic flight around the roofs of Siem Reap and flight over and around the temple on top of the hill of Phnom Krom
14 min

Your own route

This scenic rout for extreme photographers who has no doubt in failure of obtaining at least a couple of sensational images or video from an aerial view. We will help you to make your dreams a scenic route. The longer the flight - the lower is payment!
up to 3 hours
max 280 per 1 hour