Koh Ker

Brief information about this Cambodia air tour

This flight offers to enjoy amazing Cambodia temple – Koh Ker. Our airplane with a view from the cockpit allows you to make a lot of impressive snapshots. It is a totally aerial tour. We’ll not land up, just a few spectacular slow laps around the objects. During the joyride our guide will tell you about the most interesting Khmer traditions, their history and culture. Duration of the excursi on is about 3 hours.

Temple Koh Ker

Mysterious Koh Ker

Koh Ker temple complex consist of 17 separate temples, spread over an area of 10 square kilometers. All of them arranged around the freshwater reservoir called RahalBaray.

Koh Ker was the Capital of the Khmer Empire. A lot of spectacular buildings and sculptures were constructed during that time. This great archaeological site is not very popular tourist destination, but it is truly worthwhile to visit. One of the most interesting temple of Koh Ker complex is Prasat Thom, which is translated from Khmer as “Great Temple”. Among the temples built at Koh Ker none are as huge as it. It’s pyramid is the highest ever built by the Khmer, rising 36 meters above the forest floor.

The legend of Prasat Thom

The temple of Prasat Thom is shrouded in legends. Local residents prefer not to pass by this temple. It is a cursed territory for them, because Khmer people believe in a scaring story that dates back to the ancient times. The legend says that one of the emperors was a fan of the evil cult, and sacrificed humans, dropping them into the pit of the pyramid. This pit was believed to be a portal between two worlds. It’s mysteriously isn’t it?

Angkor Temple - Koh Ker

Why you should choose us for this Siem Reap private tour?

Remote region of Koh Ker has no towns. There’s only a small village in forest nearby (the village of Sra Yong is a few kilometres away). It’s not very easy to drive to Koh Ker, such trip involves an early start to get a good full day sightseeing and returning to Siem Reap in the same day. The site is 130 km north of Siem Reap, there is no public transport for tourists. That’s why trip on an airplane to Kho Kher is the best solution, besides that’s the cheapest among the possible ways to see all the parts of this temple complex. To book this Cambodia temple flight online, just click “book it”. Then write name of an ordering person, e-mail, requested date for the flight, number of seats required. Our managers will contact you the same day you made the booking. Please note that you should inform us at least two days before the date of travel.

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