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Aerial sightseeing in Cambodia

We are proud to present to you an exciting air trips above and around surroundings of Siem Reap. Your aerial sightseeing tour will be hold a licensed pilot Aero Cambodia inc. on a 2-seat ultralight airplane.

During the entire your personal tour an aerial view you will see the most beautiful and ancient temples of Cambodia, floating village, the first capital of the Kingdom of the Khmer Rouge - Hariharalayya, ancient city Kambuja Desa, rice field, Koh Ker temple, surrounded impregnable by jungle, the Tonle Sap Lake and other scenic Cambodia attractions.

Guided by clear instructions and safety rules, our scenic routes are absolutely safe for all passengers. All our ultralight and microlight airplanes, passengers and third parties covered by insurance.

Things you should know before your flight

1. We start flying early. Prepare to be at the airfield at around 7 o’clock AM. There can be an exception if you fly at the sunset(evening shift) from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, but anyway try to be at our place right in time. 2. Dress comfortably. High heels will make your life really difficult on the red clay 3. There is a comfortable sitting, smoking, chatting and taking pictures area at our airfield.

Short rules of a unforgettable scenic flight
Short rules of a unforgettable scenic flight Read rules

Our aircraft fleet

Our ultra-light airplanes

In our aircraft depot there are 2 ultralight airplanes Aeroprakt A22L2. Each of our microlight aircrafts is designed for 2 persons: 1 passenger and 1 pilot, the maximum time travel by airplane - 3.5 hours.

A22L2 "Sun"

A22L2 "Sun"

2-seat ultralight airplane

A22 L2 "Sun"

A22 L2 "Sun"

Cockpit view

A22L2 "Garuda"

A22L2 "Garuda"

2-seat ultralight airplane

If you want to know more, relate to our FAQ or Email us directly.

Welcome to our MyFly's Air Company! On board our best ultralight aircrafts with a view from the cockpit you will get an unforgettable aerial trip!

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