Flights by airplane above
the ancient temples,
floating village and lake in Cambodia

Flights around and above the ancient temples in Siem Reap area, custom flights, aerial photoshots and video and more

Welcome to MyFly’s air company

Welcome on a board of your personal ultralight aircraft for sightseeing scenic adventure in surroundings of Siem Reap

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We will contact you the same day and, if you book early, once again in a day before the flight. We can prepare the flight as fast as in 1-2 hours after the booking. Best times for flight are 6:00 - 9:00 am and from 3:30 pm until the sunset

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Welcome to MyFly!

Flight over the temples of Angkor

get an overview of the ancient sanctuaries by Indra's eye!

Do you want to eye embrace all the splendor of the amazing temples of Angkor at once? Then you definitely need to make a trip by an airplane around and above Angkor Wat and admire the ancient temples from a bird's eye view. Such a trip leaves an indelible impression.The temple complexes in Angkor are so numerous that you will need more than a week to visit each of them. But a short air trip will immediately show you the entire picture. You can admire both the main and small temples.During an exciting aerial excursion, the pilot will not only show you all the most beautiful and interesting sites, but also will tell you in detail the history of each place you will fly over.


Preflight briefing

Welcome MyFly‘s future customers to the shortest briefing to make your air-trip skyline adventure both safety and comfortable

Let me introduce myself. I’m your pilot-instructor of MyFly’s Crew responsible for your safety and comfort while your air trip skyline adventure. All though any loss and damages of every our scenic flight would be covered by special insurance including lifetime, MyFly’s Crew and customers have never had got any insurance compensation, because we have been never affected at all. Your safety and comfort during whole your scenic flight of sightseeing in the area of surroundings of Siem Reap in Cambodia are our main priorities and no one case of emergency has occurred since the foundation of MyFly Air Company as well. So now I don’t see any reason to get the situation into worse, that’s why all of you has no other way except being alive and full of happiness.


Two aeroplanes in the fleet!

Brief information about two aeroplanes in the fleet!

Due to high season we’ve recently started 2-airplanes operation. Now you can shareDue to high season we’ve recently started 2-airplanes operation. Now you can share the flight with your friendly one, see and film each other flying and so on. This is a good idea for a wedding gift, too!

Frequently asked questions

What airplanes do you have? Are they new? And other quenstions.


  • Where do you normally fly?

    We normally fly to the east of SiemReap, from TonleSap shore in the South to Phnom Bok in the North.

  • Can you fly me to some other airport?


  • Can I fly my own route?


  • How to fly a big company?

    We provide a comfortable waiting area at our airfield. In one day we can arrange up to 10 20-minute flights

Photo, video

  • Can I use professional camera?

    Yes, sure. Yellow airplane has big window for photo.

  • Can I use GoPro?

    Yes. You will have possibility to mount it either inside or outside the airplane.

  • Can I use mobile phone or tablet camera?

    Since we have a closed-cockpit airplanes, there are almost no restrictions on size of your camera. It should not interfere with pilot's control movements. Also we have a special window on passenger side for better filming quality.

  • Do you make tours for photographers?

    If you want to make a special photo flight around specific temples or sites, you may call us in advance(2-3 days before the flight) so we can arrange the flight for you. You will discuss the flight directly with the pilot to ensure best quality of your aerial shots.


  • What airplanes do you have? Are they new?

    We are flying Aeroprakt A22L2 (Foxbat) ultralight airplanes, manufactured in 2015 in Ukraine.

  • How long can the airplane stay up in the air?

    5,5 hours

  • How many passengers can the plane take?

    One passenger

Booking & Cancellation

  • How to book a flight?

    You can book your flight by website. Also by email, phone and messengers

  • How can I have better price?

    We give a discount for early bookings

  • How to pay the flight?

    Cash only

  • Why can the flight be cancelled?

    Flight can be cancelled because of weather(strong wind, rain or thunderstorm), airspace restrictions(we are operating in SiemReap Aeroport area, so we have to comply with their instructions), or poor runway condition(heavy rain all the night long before the flight). In these cases you full money back.

Getting to the place

  • When do you start to fly?

    From dawn to dusk

  • What if I'm late?

    Usually we wait up to 15 minutes

  • Do you have a pick-up service?

    We don't have our own pick up, but we can provide third-party transportation

  • How to find your place?

    The best landmark is Apolo Plaza on National Road 6

  • How to find you on social networks?

    At the bottom of home page you can find links

Safety and licensing

  • What license do you operate under?

    Operated under Aero Cambodia Inc. license since 2015

  • Does your company have insurance?

    Yes. Our airplanes, passengers, pilots and third parties are covered by a standard aviation insurance. Ask our staff if you have additional questions on it.

  • What qualification does your staff have?

    Our planes are flown and serviced by European personnel only. All our pilots are qualified and certified for commercial air operations, engineers are certified for maintenance of this particular type of engine and fuselage. All maintenance is made according to manufacturer-approved procedure, only genuine spare parts are used.

  • What languages do you speak?

    English, Russian, Khmer